Physician-Supervised Weight Management Program

Physician-supervised program

Proper diet and nutrition

Effective Weight Loss Medication

Welcome to Calvary Medical Weight Loss Program


At Calvary medical weight loss clinic, our highly experienced board certified Doctors are passionate about their work and will guide you through the process till you achieve success! The purpose of medical supervised weight loss is to help Pinpoint and manage the root causes of your excess weight. Call 704-979-8210 to get started



Our Weight loss Programs include:


1.  Individualized food Plans


2.  Effective Weight loss Medication


3.  Behavioral analysis

4.  Lifestyle and motivational coaching

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“We offer a variety of non-surgical weight loss options.  Call us today for a customized program suited to your needs.”

Major features of our program:

Behavior modification
Face to face coaching
New procedures that actually work
Applied logical science
Application of the most recent research tied to health